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Moviot IoT product platform

By the Moviot platform, you base your digitalization or IoT-projects on an already developed and various tested technology platform. The platform ensures that our resources are focused on developing what is unique for your product since we have already developed all basic elements which can be utilized across many products.

By Moviot, you will get a complete IoT setup:

Different IoT-devices
Moviot IoT devices
Typically sensors or tracking devices.
iPhone with Moviot interface hold by an hand
Moviot App
“On-location” activation, installation and configuration of your IoT devices.
IoT monitoring with overview on computer and iPad
Moviot Cloud
Basic cloud solution for monitoring of your IoT devices.

We develop within the framework of our two concepts, Core and One.

Moviot CORE logo

Moviot Core provides:

  • A basic range of technology modules – sensors and tracking devices – which can be customized to your project.
  • A basic mobile app for easy configuration.
  • A basic cloud solution for monitoring of your devices.

Typical customers:

  • Product companies with the desire to implement IoT functionality to their existing products.
  • Companies with industry knowledge, that makes them capable to define a unique IoT-product within their field.
  • Companies with a need to digitalize workflows by the help of new sensor systems.
Moviot ONE logo

Moviot One provides:

  • Denmark's strongest team of experts within IoT technology, who, on basis of Moviot Core, can develop a completely unique IoT solution for you.
  • A combination of many sensor types or other physical design of the IoT device.
  • The possibility to create your own application code on top of our technology modules.

Typical customers:

  • Product companies with a need for a completely unique IoT solution where all details in the product are optimized in relation to functionality.
  • Companies who are going to produce many units, so an increased investment in development ends up giving a better business case due to lower production price.

Who is behind Moviot?

We are Xtel Wireless – a team of experts in wireless communication and IoT. We are passionate about helping our customers making the world smarter by creating meaningful IoT solutions. That is why, we have developed the Moviot IoT Product Platform - to save you development time and providing you with the latest and very best IoT technology for your product. Our technologies have been various tested and have proven its worth in several customer cases.

To ensure you high quality and flexibility, all development takes place at us in Denmark where you get access to Denmark's strongest team of experts within IoT technology.

We are experts in IoT technologies. Contact us if you are interested in how Moviot can be applied for your IoT product.
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