IoT ideas

Moviot helps you making the world smarter

Moviot includes everything you need to start an IoT project or upgrade existing wireless products with future-oriented and proven technologies. Here are some examples of what our IoT platform can be used for:

Truck freighting goods
- of people, goods, equipment or effects in public space.
Assembly line in a production
Predict breakdowns
- with e.g. vibration sensors that can detect wear on rotating parts.
Defibrillator with sensors for monitoring
Intelligent batteries
- which are better utilized and can tell when they need to be replaced.
Trashcan with iot for monitoring
Sensors for Smart Cities
- for predicting maintenance and optimization of service cost.
Monitoring in the industry with IoT
Point measurement of temperature
- for optimization, documentation, certification or troubleshooting.
Assembly line in production
The easy way to industry 4.0
- with wireless sensors that are easy to install and do not require downtime.
Pentalock, digital bike lock with IoT
IoT – upgrade of familiar products
- an upgrade with IoT technology can bring the product a competitive advantage.
Digital payment with mobile though IoT sensors
Wireless payment
- ordering, program selection and payment via app instead of coin/pole.
Several people in a room listenting to a presentation
Indoor climate monitoring
- e.g. sensors measuring CO₂ level, humidity and temperature.
Storage monitoring with IoT
Temperature/moisture-sensitive stock items
- alarm e.g. at risk of mold development or static electricity.
Robofit, personal rehabilitation workout with IoT
IoT in the healthcare industry
- sensor measurements are used for more targeted and efficient treatment.
Dialog and analyzing numbers and statistics
Product and production optimization
- based on sensor measurements, product and production are optimized.
Building with windows and sealings
Sensors for buildings
- sensors with Energy Harvesting without batteries can be embedded or placed in poorly accessible areas.
IoT for Smart Homes
- Use IoT to e.g. control you home remotely or as nudging devices to change behavior.
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