Moviot One

State-of-the-art IoT development

Moviot One is for you whose project involves completely unique requirements in relation to e.g. features, physical design and cost optimizations. Here, we optimize the technology modules used in Moviot Core and develop completely individual solutions, where you, among other things, can have all details of the product optimized in relation to function and production costs. You can also create your own application code on top of our technology modules.

With Moviot One, you get access to Denmark's strongest team of experts within IoT technology, to help you develop a solution that is very specific to your business.


Danfoss, monitoring of fresh water pumps
IoT sensors for monitoring freshwater pumps
Moviot's IoT sensors facilitate the installation of pressure sensors in Danfoss high pressure pumps. Instead of a demanding installation with signal and power cables, the 3 sensors per high pressure pump can now be installed without any kind of wires.
Robofit, personnal rehabilitation training with IoT
Intelligent, motivating and measurable rehabilitation
We have developed a complete IoT system for Robofit. Robofit adapts exactly to the strength of the citizen - a task that requires great self-discipline for a citizen to perform himself, e.g. via a manual pulley. The therapist gets overview and insight when the citizen workout alone.
Pentalock, digital bike lock with IoT
The digital bike lock of the future
PentaLock's "PL1-Immobilizer" is an advanced hi-tech product with many Moviot IoT technologies stylishly integrated in the bicycle stand, including buzzer, accelerometer, engine management, battery optimization, proximity sensor, etc.
We are experts in IoT technologies. Contact us if you are interested in how Moviot can be applied for your IoT product.
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